Drink coriander leaves water on empty stomach for lowering cholesterol, boosting immunity

Coriander leaves, known for lowering cholesterol and aiding digestion, are rich in vitamins, fibre, and antioxidants. The plant compounds in coriander water can combat high cholesterol levels and prevent heart disease. To make the water, boil coriander leaves in water and drink lukewarm. Benefits include improved immunity, blood sugar management, and heart health.

The healing power of positive thinking: How optimism can transform health and well-being

Optimism can improve health and well-being significantly, studies find. Prince Bhojwani’s shift to positivity after health issues led to a nonprofit venture and better health. Harvard study links optimism to longer life spans and postmenopausal women’s improved physical functioning. Psychiatrist Sue Varma suggests optimism can be learned through reframing thoughts and envisioning positive outcomes daily. […]

Avoid drinking alcohol on flights, could pose health risks: Scientists

Scientists warn of health risks from consuming alcohol on flights. Research by German Aerospace Center and RWTH Aachen University shows alcohol consumption on planes can be harmful due to lower oxygen levels. Study indicates increased heart rate and reduced oxygen saturation during sleep, especially risky for older or unwell passengers. Researchers suggest reconsidering in-flight alcohol […]

Too much exercise in summer can make you sick; all about the side effects of over-exercising

Over-exercising in summer can lead to various health risks, including heat stroke, dehydration, muscle strains, and insomnia. Dr. Rahul Agarwal from CARE Hospitals warns against excessive exercise in hot weather, emphasizing the importance of moderation, hydration, and adequate rest. Symptoms of over-exercising like fatigue, burnout, dehydration, heat stroke, and insomnia should not be ignored for […]

Parenting tips: things to teach your children by the age of 5

Psychologist emphasizes teaching kids to assert body boundaries and express emotions respectfully by age 5. Breaking generational dysfunction crucial for secure emotional connections. The importance of expanding vocab, coping skills, and learning from mistakes is highlighted. Helping kids respect personal and others’ boundaries is vital for healthy development.

Is rock salt as harmful as table salt? ICMR urges to restrict intake of all salts

ICMR highlights the dangers of excessive salt intake and suggests limiting consumption of all salt types due to similar sodium content. Rock salt varieties like pink and black are preferred for mineral content. Excess salt is linked to high blood pressure and heart diseases. ICMR advises restricting daily salt intake to 5 grams.

When love ends: How to survive heartache

Psychologist Doris Wolf discusses the phases of heartbreak in relationships. The first stage is denial, followed by erupting emotions like pain and loneliness. The process then shifts to finding a new orientation and future perspectives. Wolf emphasizes accepting emotions and seeking support to move forward post-breakup.

Radhika Merchant turns princess in blue Versace gown for pics with Anant Ambani from their lavish Italian cruise party

Radhika Merchant stuns in blue Versace gown during lavish Italian cruise party with Anant Ambani. The Ambani family hosted extravagant pre-wedding celebrations, including performances by Katy Perry. Radhika’s attire, a blue Atelier Versace gown, sparkled with diamond accessories, transforming her into a real-life Disney Princess. The wedding festivities of Radhika and Anant are set for […]