Apple Watch could get bigger screens, thinner bodies, but no AI: Report

Apple might unveil enhanced Apple Watch models for its tenth anniversary, with larger screens and slimmer bodies, as reported by Mark Gurman. Future designs could include a new chip but won’t feature the “Apple Intelligence” AI yet. The upgrades are expected for N217 and N218 Series 10 versions, competing with Apple Watch Ultra screens. Apple […]

ChatGPT struggles with coding problems past its 2021 cutoff date

ChatGPT struggles with coding post-2021 training. A study revealed the AI chatbot’s success rates dropped significantly in solving coding problems outside its training data. ChatGPT’s proficiency in coding decreased notably, with success rates dropping to 52% for easy problems and 0.66% for hard ones post-2021. The study covered 728 coding problems in five languages. Research […]

WhatsApp’s New Meta AI Feature Will Reportedly Reply to Images and Edit Them

WhatsApp for Android is developing a new Meta AI feature to edit and reply to images, powered by the Llama 3 language model. Beta users will have privacy controls. The feature, spotted in version by WABetaInfo, will enable image-related AI responses and editing capabilities. Exact editing levels and release date are unknown.

Google Chrome for Android May Soon Read Webpages for You Even When Minimised: Report

Google Chrome for Android introduces a text-to-speech feature called `Listen to this Page’. A report suggests an upcoming enhancement for background text playback. Users can access the feature through the three-dotted menu icon, selecting different voices and languages. Additionally, a new update includes Minimised Custom Tabs for improved browsing experience.

Airtel Refutes Alleged Data Breach Claims, Says ‘Desperate Attempt to Tarnish’ Reputation

Airtel denies allegations of data breach amidst reports of 375 million customer data compromise. Claiming no evidence after investigation, the telecom giant labels the accusation as a “desperate attempt to tarnish” its reputation. Despite a threat actor’s claim on the dark web of breaching Airtel’s database, no concrete proof has been presented yet. Company affirms […]

OpenAI’s 2023 Breach Led to Hackers Stealing Company’s AI Secrets: Report

Hackers breached OpenAI in 2023, stealing AI secrets. A hacker accessed internal messaging, lifting details on AI tech design. OpenAI executives disclosed the breach to staff and the board but opted not to make it public as no customer data was compromised. The company believed the hacker had no ties to a foreign government. The […]

Airtel denies reports of data breach of over 375 million customers

Airtel refutes claims of a data breach affecting more than 375 million customers made by a dark web seller. The telecommunications company asserts no evidence supports the allegation, aiming to uphold its brand reputation following an extensive internal inquiry.