Russia uses hypersonic missiles in an attack on Kyiv, no casualties reported

Russian forces deployed hypersonic missiles in an attack on Kyiv, Ukraine, causing explosions across the capital. The missiles, including Kinzhal type, flew at supersonic speeds, making interception difficult. Falling debris from intercepted missiles started fires in multiple districts, with smoke rising from various neighborhoods. No casualties were immediately reported. Ambulances were dispatched to the affected […]

The six most urgent problems facing the UK that Starmer’s new government needs to fix

Keir Starmer’s new Labour government faces urgent challenges in the UK post-election. Six key issues include the financial crisis of Thames Water and overcrowding in prisons. Other concerns highlighted are public sector pay negotiations, universities struggling financially, NHS funding shortfall, and failing local councils due to austerity measures. Starmer aims to address these pressing matters […]

French left to name PM candidate this week

French left to choose Prime Minister candidate this week, First Secretary of Socialist Party Olivier Faure announced. The New Popular Front (NFP), comprised of left-wing parties, including Faure’s socialists, will nominate from the coalition after winning the most seats in the recent parliamentary election without a clear majority.

Thousands of high-risk cancer gene variants: Study

Scientists have found 5,665 harmful genetic variations in the BAP1 gene. These variants raise the risk of developing cancers of the eye, lung, brain, skin, and kidney. The study, published in Nature Genetics, could aid in diagnosing and treating cancer effectively, especially benefiting underrepresented ethnic groups. The research also revealed a link between BAP1 variants […]

Lisa Nandy among record set of women in UK PM Keir Starmer Cabinet

Lisa Nandy, an Indian-origin MP, joins UK PM Keir Starmer’s Cabinet as the new Culture Secretary along with a record number of women ministers. Rachel Reeves appointed as Chancellor of the Exchequer and Angela Rayner as the Deputy PM. Nandy, 44, expressed privilege in leading the UK’s Department for Culture, Media and Sport. She defeated […]

After crushing defeat, fight begins for ‘soul’ of UK Conservative Party

The UK Conservative Party faces a battle to reclaim its core voters and avoid extinction after suffering a crushing defeat to Labour. Ex-PM Rishi Sunak’s team lost seats, with Reform UK led by Nigel Farage splitting the right-wing vote. Former minister Suella Braverman warned of the party’s demise due to failures in immigration and policies. […]

Melania Trump reportedly fretting over as son Barron heads to college

Melania Trump concerns as son Barron heads to college. An insider reveals the former First Lady’s anxiety. Melania plans more time in NYC as Barron starts college. She delayed White House move for Barron before. Melania now frets over being a “hands-on” mom to son, who is no longer off-limits. Melania avoiding public eye during […]

Dam breach at China’s second-largest freshwater lake, 5700 residents relocated

A breach at China’s second-largest freshwater lake led to the relocation of 5,700 residents in the south of the country. No injuries were reported as waters breached the dike, with rescue workers racing to prevent further damage. Video footage showed water gushing through the breach, submerging houses. Rescue efforts included building a second line of […]

Who is Masoud Pezeshkian, Iran’s next President? 

Masoud Pezeshkian, a reformist candidate, clinched victory in Iran’s presidential run-off against conservative Saeed Jalili. The cardiologist, known for using a protest anthem in his campaign, garnered 53.3% of votes. Mr. Pezeshkian, born in 1954 amid political unrest, started his journey under President Khatami and aims to balance reforms and the establishment in his term.