Tamil Nadu’s Mayanakollai ‘Graveyard’ Festival Celebrates Goddess Angalamman

Devotees thronged Melmalayanur’s Angalamman Kovil temple in Villupuram, Tamil Nadu, on March 10 for the Mayanakollai – Graveyard Festival. The event, honoring Goddess Angalamman, starts with a temple pooja. Devotees, dressed as fierce goddesses, process with her idol. They dance, narrate myths, and offer grains and food at burning grounds, believing in potential benefits. This pre-Vedic festival contrasts Maha Shivaratri’s solemnity.

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High School Student Missing in Sea

A Plus Two student named Melbin F. Jusa, 17, from Fathima Lane in Pallithura, went missing in the sea on Thursday. He disappeared around 4.30